Bell Times courtyard

8.50am Bag Bell - children take bags inside.

9.00am Morning bell

11.00am Lunch eaten in designated eating areas.

11:10am - 12:00pm Lunch Play.

2:00pm – 2.30pm Afternoon Recess.

2.30pm - 3.30pm End of afternoon session.


Programs in the eight key learning areas. English, Mathematics,

Studies of Society & Environment, Science, Technology, The Arts (Visual and performing), Health and Physical Education and LOTE (Language other than English).

Technology & Resources

Information Technology/Computer Studies.

A well resourced and maintained library.


Health & Wellbeing
  • Inter school sport.
  • Swimming Program
  • Water Safety program.
  • Excursions, Camping and Outdoor Education.
  • Special whole school events.
  • Bike Education program

  • Dolphin Groups
  • – a multi-age pastoral care program.

  • Life Education (Drug Education Program)

  • Integration Program
  •  –for children with disabilities and impairments.

  • Literacy Support program
  • Enrichment Programs
    P.E specialist
    Art specialist
    Music specialist

    Instrumental teachers:

  • Guitar
  • keyboard
  • woodwind & percussion
  • Early Development

    Commitment to Early Years through:

  • Our Step into Prep Program
  •      (Early Transition for Kindergarten Children)
         Forth Term
  • Supported Playgroups

              POLICIES & PLANS

    school buildings